Jeff Stevens - Vice President of Corporate Finance

Jeff Stevens - Vice President of Corporate Finance

Mr. Stevens brings over 12 years of professional experience in the Canadian Capital Markets. Through the course of his career Jeff has worked on the Retail Side as an Assistant Investment Advisor, on the Buy Side as an Arbitrage Trader at a Hedge Fund and on the Sell Side in both a Sales and Trading capacity. He was the head of two Sales and Trading desks and was instrumental in building the Canadian operations for a US based Investment Bank in Toronto. Jeff's experience has largely been focused on capital raising for micro cap and small cap companies in Canada. His client base included Institutional Money Managers, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Family Offices in Canada, US and Europe. 

Mr. Stevens is presently a Senior Associate at Westridge Management International Limited, an international management and finance consultancy firm. He also serves as a Director and Vice President of Corporate Finance for Greatbanks Resources Inc., a TSXV listed mining company.

Hmida El Khachani

Hmida El Khachani, Managing Director, Africa

A successful entrepreneur, significant investor and advisor to private and public companies, in Europe, MENA, and West Africa. Extensive knowledge as an Executive and Non-Executive Director of various companies, and has gained extensive contacts in the investment community and government sectors. Ownership and management have included companies involved in the construction, engineering, hospitality, telecommunications and automotive services industries.

Chris Farnworth

Chris Farnworth - Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Mr. Farnworth as a business management and corporate finance executive with over 30 years of experience in the public and private markets, oil and gas, mining, industrials and technology sectors. Mr. Farnworth has extensive worldwide high-level business development and sales experience, specifically in Europe, MENA and Asia, sales and operational experience with large and small multi national companies focusing upon business development, project management, strategic planning and partnership development.

Assisting in the planning of the business development policies, objectives, and establishment of medium to long-term goals for various multi-national companies.

Establishment of joint ventures, distribution channels and sub licensing agreements, identifying possible M&A opportunities, analysis of new market development and business opportunities. Financial feasibility studies and development of proposals. To date direct financings have included both debt and equity raises in excess of $40 Million and have been placed in both private and public market companies. Mergers and acquisitions include stand-alone values up to and including $15 Million. Providing advice on TSX compliance, audit and public company matters.

Cyrus Driver

Cyrus Driver – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Driverhas served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer for the past 10 years. His involvement with Maxim has been instrumental in governing and guiding the Company. Mr. Driver is a chartered accountant with over 30 years of public market and accounting experience and was a founding partner in the firm of Driver Anderson upon its inception in 1981. He has been a partner in the firm of Davidson and Company LLP after merging with Driver Anderson in 2002. Mr. Driver specializes in servicing TSX and TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”)listed companies and members of the brokerage community. His wide knowledge of the securities industry and its rules have enabled him to give valuable advice to clients within the industry with respect to finance, taxation and other accounting related matters. Mr. Driver currently serves as a director and/or executive of several publicly listed companies.